1 Energy Support Team | Clients
Energy Support Team | Clients
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Working with small businesses & major corporate organisations

Energy Support Team has a wide variety of clients, from small business to major corporate organisations. We pride ourselves on treating each customer with the best possible service.

Case Study


Energy Support Team Ltd. managed the energy supply installations at YUM’s new Ilkeston site, several years ago. As this was a fairly textbook installation we decided to use it as a example of the kind of services that we can offer as part of the Management & Support Programme.  Detailed below are some examples and site specific highlights encountered during the installation.

Energy Support Team Ltd. retained responsibility for liaison with representatives from each supplier and each one was pro-actively engaged on a daily basis in order to maintain focus, assess risk, deal with problems and identify solutions to keep the project on time.  At several points during the installation Energy Support Team Ltd. was required to escalate issues within each of the suppliers in order to achieve the required deadlines.

By providing a single point of contact for all suppliers and personnel, Energy Support Team Ltd was able to co-ordinate the project to a successful conclusion.

What we did:


A number of challenges and issues were identified through our project management.  Energy Support Team Ltd was able to deal efficiently and effectively with all of these challenges by following a strict methodology, which ensures that we remain in control of the project and can co-ordinate the resources at the appropriate time.

Because of the nature of gas, these issues were mainly around site access at correct and scheduled times and logistical alterations caused by slight variations between original plans and the actual site. We were required to liaise between the, contractors and suppliers in order to ensure the correct phasing, timing and ultimate implementation.


The installation of electricity also presented us with some challenges. Challenges can present themselves in variety of ways, and one highlight at Ilkeston was the main supply to site, which was tampered with by a local car wash company. This required a site visit from Scottish Power who was required to disconnect the meter as it had become hazardous.

Energy Support Team Ltd. quickly identified the correct solution on order to keep the project on schedule, co-ordinated the resources to resolve the issues, and stayed in control of the situation until the issue was resolved.


There were a number of issues with the water supply; the main one being that someone had illegally tapped into the supply.

Energy Support Team Ltd. resolved this by arranging for Severn Trent to visit site and investigate. The best solution was deemed to be the installation of a new supply and with the old supply being terminated. This ensured that YUM was not billed for a third parties usage. 

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