Energy Support Team | Energy Procurement
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Energy Procurement

Energy Support Team Are Here To Help

Energy Procurement

Energy Support Team Ltd works to provide our clients with the best possible energy solutions for your business.

ESTL manages not only the relationship between our company and our clients’, but also our close relationships with our various partners.

By working closely with both partner and client, we can ensure the smooth management of your energy contracts, and make sure that if any issues do arise, ESTL can solve them in a quick and efficient manner.

We offer a wide variety of types of contract, from fixed unit rate, to semi-flex, to fully flexible contracts, so that we can provide the best possible fit for your organisation, and make sure you get the most cost effective and efficient solution to your energy requirements.

Whether it is a single year contract or multi-year deal, we work to offer the greatest savings combined with the most efficient and friendly service in tailor made service contracts to make sure our clients are happy.

Flexible Energy Contracts

ESTL’s flexible contracts specifically enables  our clients to reduce energy costs by daily analysing the market conditions and taking advantage of favorable opportunities to buy , which in turn creates a natural extension of procurement decisions, throughout the term contract.

Generally, we would  expect to see a slight increase in long term gas and electric prices.

However, our team is trained to moniter the markets and identify the best times for buying instalments of energy, creating savings for our clients.

This method allows the client to buy at a better and cheaper price and takes advantages of the lows in the market.

Overall, our flexible contracts allow our clients to take advantage of any reductions in market prices, which is not available on fixed term contracts.

Fixed Price Energy Tariffs

Our Fixed Price Energy Plans are essentials for businesses.

They are very popular and provide a piece of mind where capital expenditure is a sensitive part of your business.

Fixed term and fixed price contracts for gas and electric would remain the same over the duration of your contract.

Basket Energy Plans

Our basket energy plans allow businesses with lower volume energy usage,  the opportunity to group buy with other SME customers.

These basket plans allow businesses with smaller levels of consumption to benefit from flexible pricing by grouping them together in a “basket”, creating a higher volume, while in turn attracting a lower price.

Get in touch to find out about how we can assist your energy requirements