Energy Support Team | Installation Management
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Installation Management

Energy Support Team Are Here To Help

Installation Management

Summary of Programme

The installation management and support programme is designed to support Customers when they refurbish or open new premises or where new energy supply is required.

The programme has been designed to optimise efficiency for Customers by Energy Support Team Ltd. managing all aspects of liaison, integration and communication between the Customer, suppliers and contractors.

Our programme is designed to allow Customers to focus on their core business whilst Energy Support Team oversees the implementation of each service.

Progress Tracking

This work stream report will be sent to the Customer, as part of our service and it provides a top line progress report on each of the relevant work streams. In addition, our report highlights any potential issues and also provides an up to date forecast for completion of each work stream.

Efficiency Gains

Energy Support Team Ltd. can agree processes and escalation procedures at with the Customer at the start of the project. This means that we can act on quickly to resolve issues and problems without disturbing Customers from their core business.  The Customer can concentrate on their areas of expertise, and allow Energy Support Team Ltd to use our expertise to solve any issue your company has with the Supplier.

Customers will only be brought in if a particular problem or conundrum cannot be resolved by using the Customers’ pre agreed guidelines or in the case of a dangerous situation.  Energy Support Team will also liaise with the Customer during the progress to ensure that the Customer is kept up to date on progress.


Energy Support Team Ltd. provides this service on a fixed project fee. The fee is based upon the complexity of the installation and length of project. Fees are capped once agreed.  Quotation is available upon request, and each job will be priced and quoted separately dependant on scope, scale, and the specific requirements for the project.  Quotes are available upon request from Energy Support Team Ltd.

Get in touch to find out about how we can assist your energy requirements